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About Me

Hey, I'm Alejandro (Alex) Sanchez the biggest Tech enthusiast you'll meet.
I currently spend my days between school, writing scripts, and growing my
web development business kabin.tech. I believe technology has the power to
evolve not just humans but the world as we know it. My dreams are to mix my
passion for business and computer science and own a cybersecurity firm or
grow my web development business to a level capable of competing with the
biggest name companies out there. I believe that my hunger for knowledge is
what makes me a great candidate. when I have an unanswered question or have
trouble doing work, I work my hardest to try and solve the problem. For example,
I pushed my limits in March of this year with a team of 5 people where we worked
for 12 straight hours to propose a math model about the growth of the use of
electric trucks, and industry growth over the next 30 years. it was one of the
most grueling challenges, however, the feeling of completing a model and using
it to approximate data, in the end, was worth the world to me.